Comfy Cabins from Natural Element Homes.....Cabin Plans. Cabin Kits. Cabin Done!

Nothing says Americana quite like a cabin. Cabins have long been a part of our great history, from the first American settlers, to our early pioneers, to today's American family. Cabins give more than shelter. They give great memories and good times.

The word "cabin" means different things to different people. Some think of an antique Appalachian retreat, while others imagine a Rocky Mountain ski chalet, and others conure up thoughts of a quaint Adirondack cottage. No matter what the style, size or shape, the function of the cabin is to offer a warm, welcoming retreat where you can relax and get away from it all. In other words, a "comfy cabin."

At Natural Element Homes, we know "cabins," and we know "comfy." And we've created a division to focus simply on "Comfy Cabins." We have literally built thousands of cabins during the last four decades, and our Comfy Cabins division can provide you with a wide variety of cabin plans, quality building materials and building systems to create the exact style you are after, a simple process for design and construction, and, most importantly, affordable pricing that brings the possibility of cabin ownership to most Americans. Comfy Cabins are made in America, by Americans, and for Americans! So dig in to our Comfy Cabin plans and photos to realize your American heritage.

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